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        China Is Becoming The Most Active Market of Optoelectronic Devices Industry

        Mr. Zhou Bingkun, the chairman of Chinese Optical Society and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, in China Communications Optoelectronic Devices Development Forum that held on Sep. 11th, 2010, he said that since the adjustment of global capacitor industry in 2000, China has become an important base of the communications optoelectronic devices industry in the world. By the end of 2009, China communications optoelectronic devices had accounted for about one fifth of global market share, and now it is becoming the most active electrical prodcuts market in the global optoelectronic devices industry.

        He said, the optical communication kitchen utensil technology has achieved leapfrog accomplishment in technology and industry scale since China began to use in the end of 1970s. Especially in recent 15 years, optical communication industry has maintained a higher growth speed all the time, which has formed a relatively complete optical communication industrial electrical prodcuts in the field including optical fiber and cable, optoelectronic devices, optical transmission equipment and so on.

        The communications optoelectronic device is the basis and core of optical transmission equipment. Mr. Zhou Bingkun thinks that, with the technology and market development of 3G, FTTH deployment, high-speed optical battery transmission, optical access and so on, the communications optoelectronic device is becoming another key factor that drive the communications solar panel market to increase. As the optical communication technology is developing toward integration and intelligentization, so it has put forward higher requirements on the miniaturization, low cost and low power consumption of optoelectrnoic devices.

        Experts who participated in the forum also stressed that, the flourish development of Chinese communications market and the successful oversea electric prodcuts market expansion of Chinese communications equipment solar water heater manufacturers are promoting homegrown optoelectronic devices industry to develop rapidly, and the important position of China communications optoelectronic devices industry is getting obvious increasingly in the world market. However, the evolvement of next- generation optical communication system mainly lies on the advancement of communications optoelectronic devices technology, so on this milestone of market and technology, China communications optoelectronic tattoo machine kits devices industry is facing important opportunities for development.

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        Research Report of 2009 China Transformer Industry

        Transformers, rectifiers, and inductors are very important parts in power industry, which play an important role in the processes of power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and utilization, and also have a high place in national economy. China large-scale construction of UHV power grid and reconstruction of urban and rural power grid has promoted the rapid development of transformer, rectifier and inductor manufacturing industry. China has been the largest transformer producer in the world; the output reached 1.16 billion KVA in 2008, representing a year-on-year increase of 28%.

        At present, there are more than 1,000 transformer manufacturers, which can be divided into four camps. The four major multinational companies, Swiss ABB, German Siemens, French Areva and Japanese Toshiba are the first camp in the industry, their 500kV EHV transformers hold more than half of domestic market share; Tebian Electric Apparatus, Xi'an XD and Tianwei Baobian are the second camp, they have policy advantage in the field of 500kV or more than 500kV EHV and UHV products; Jiangsu Huapeng, Qingdao Transformer, Shandong Dachi, Sunten Electric, China Electric Equipment Group, Qiantang River Electric, Sanbian Sci-Tech and other large and medium-sized enterprises are the third camp, they have stable market share and brand advantage in the less than 500kV transformer product segmentation market; in addition, a large number of small and medium-sized private enterprises has formed the fourth camp of China transformer industry.

        In recent years, with the UHV power transmission project starting, China strongly support national transformer enterprises to innovate independently, three major domestic enterprises such as Tebian Electric Apparatus, Xi'an XD and Tianwei Baobian have made important breakthrough in the field of UHV transformers, transformers and reactors through improving the technology level and grade of products. In July 2008, the UHV AC transformers with 1 million kVA/1000kV that undertook by TBEA and Tianwei Baobian have passed all test items respectively in Shenyang and Baoding.

        In the end of 2008, China introduced a 4 trillion Yuan stimulation plan of expanding domestic electrical prodcuts demand and promoting economic growth in order to withstand the negative impact caused by the world economic financial crisis, to improve rural tattoo machine kits power grids and speed up urban power grids construction were mentioned particularly. To accelerate the construction of UHV electrical prodcuts power grids and reconstruction of urban and rural power grids are important task in next few years. According to the plan, the investment in the solar water heater power grids field will be more than one trillion Yuan in next three years. During the next decade or so, the strategic keystone and main content of national electric prodcuts power grids development is to transmit the electricity from western areas to East China, supply electricity for each other between North and South China and solar panel network in the whole country. It brings a golden battery opportunity to the development of China transformer, rectifier, capacitor and inductor manufacturing industry.

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        Noble Enterprises of China Home Appliance Have Got Much Money

        There are many exhibitions both in China and foreign countries, and most of them don't limit enterprises to join in. However, a few days ago the author accidentally learned that the Tenth China Home Appliance Expo which holding by China Appliance Association shows a different appearance, as there are many large home appliance exhibitors, nearly 30,000 square meters exhibition space can't meet the demand, so organizers request enterprises who has registered and participated to adjust or reduce their booth area.

        According to reports, after beginning to attract exhibitors since mid-June this year, it has received hundreds of registration applications from the world's leading home appliances enterprises, including Haier, Midea, Gree, Siemens, Bosch, Whirlpool, Daikin, AO Smith, Sanyo, Hisense, Kelon, Frestech, Meiling, Fotile, Boss, Chigo, Joyoung, Aucma, Galanz, Xingxing and other well-known brands. It is understood that the enthusiasm of large-scale exhibitors ran high, which cannot survive without the rapid growth trend of Chinese home appliances market in the first half of this year. According to the data of Ministry of solar water heater Industry and Information Technology, the total retail volume of color TV, refrigerator, tattoo machine kits and air conditioning has reached 57.27 million units, and the retail sum is 144.7 billion Yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 30%. The substantial increase of product sales volume has created enough profit margins for home appliance enterprises, and it also has directly promoted enterprises to make their brands become bigger and stronger.

        Be different with advertising UV lamp campaign, the exhibition, as a professional platform it can not only well show enterprises brand image, but also can effectively achieve the two-way communication between enterprises and target customers. Although a lot of money is needed to participate in the exhibition, but considering from different angles such as brand promotion, customer communication and technology exchange, solar panel enterprises can still benefit a lot. It is reported that nearly 300 mainstream medias reported the four days' China Home Appliances Expo, as well as tens of thousands of spectators attending the event, and the potential benefits are incalculable for enterprises.

        However, in view of the same type exhibitions are becoming more and more in China, insiders suggest enterprises to make arrangement rationally. If enterprises participate in the exhibition blindly, they always cannot achieve the expected benefits. According to the general practice of large home appliance enterprises, that is, make a comprehensive assessment about the exhibition from the media number, audience quality, exhibition organization and several other factors, and then decide where to go.

        As reported, as a sponsor China home appliances Association has begun to screen home appliance enterprises that have registered, and eliminate some poor brand image home appliance enterprises. On the other hand, the sponsor is in consultation with the exhibition hall in order to take advantage of the open area outside the exhibition hall to set up a temporary exhibition hall, which can ease the pressure of the booth shortage. As for individual home appliance enterprises mention the problem that the cutdown booth will affect the enterprise brand image, the sponsor said, for the adjusted booth, as long as enterprises have elaborate design, scientific structure and their own characteristic, they can still show their brand image and comprehensive strength effectively.

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        China Spending A Hundred Million Yuan to Build National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television

        On August 7th, the National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television established in Shanghai Pudong, which indicates that, the support platform of China's national digital television industry has fully put into operation. This project center is permitted by National Development and Reform Commission, and its major business include the research of digital television’s common technology and the core technology of next generation, the intellectual property management and permission of digital television, the development research and layout research of solar water heater and digital television, the national standard promotion and the test of new business. The home appliance research center involves many industrial chain enterprises, the digital television is a system, not a separate television, it is impossible to promote only by one link, so we hope that through this home appliances center many enterprises including broadcasting companies can promote together with capital ties. Industry insiders told the reporter that in recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission has been promoting the special development of tattoo machine kits digital television, and the approved enterprises can enjoy the financial support. Next the digital television industry will have big development, but the competition of domestic enterprises core components is weak, so the NDRC wishes to promote the core components development and industrial layout through special items.

        Compared to developed countries, China UV lamp still has significant distance in the digital penetration and industrial core competition. On June last year, the United States has officially closed the analog television signals and all has changed to digital signals, Japan and European countries plan to close it within the next two years. According to the plan, China will achieve the signal home appliances conversion in 2015. According to the data measured by Ovid Consulting (AVC), by the end of 2009, the color television inventory in Chinese families reached 510 million units. Take 5000 yuan a set as an example, the involved sum is more than 100 billion yuan, which doesn't include the launch, broadcast Tattoo Machine content, web updates, new media and other links, so the industry is huge. One job of the research center is the intellectual property solar panel management and permission of digital television, a patent pool managed and accredited by the company will be built, and members can put the related patent technology of digital television in it. The digital television industry is large and complex, which involves many links and has different administrative organizations and research institutions, also has different intellectual property rights, so it will be better to deal with when combine them together.

        Industry insiders said that the patent home appliance pool construction involves benefit distribution, before this, the color television enterprises have built patent pool in order to corporately deal with the high home appliances patent fee of foreign countries, but the progress is not smooth and it also once suffered suspicion. Mr. Luo Qingqi, the appliance industry expert, said that in foreign countries such as Japan home appliance enterprises there is the patent replacement. As for domestic enterprises, the patent technology is not many originally, and they also have encountered the lesson that the patent was banned. Therefore, it is difficult to face foreign competition without cooperation. A group of enterprises holding together certainly need exploration and practice, Chinese enterprises lack the combination experience, so they should explore the future cooperation model actively, and how to develop the organization and cooperation form is more important than the breakthrough on digital television technology.

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        Restricted by Technical Barriers China Home Appliances Export Losing 50 Billion Yuan Every Year

        When China is increasingly becoming the world major home appliances country, European technical barriers block its export, which has brought huge losses to the home appliances export. In China 60% of home appliance exporters had suffered foreign technical barriers, the direct and potential economic losses is about 50 billion U.S. dollars every year, which solar water heater has exceeded 25% of the annual export total sum.

        At present, most Chinese home appliance products are mainly exported to IEC member countries, under the global UV lamp integration of purchase and production background, non-IEC members often test the home appliances safety performance according to IEC standards, and it has become the necessary basic requirements for enterprises to export home appliances products. For the moment, France, Germany, Britain and other countries have regarded the international Tattoo Machine standards as a trump card to enter into the international tattoo machine kits market, Nordic countries directly adopt the international standards as the rule to access to market almost without any modification, the U.S. also changes their cool attitude to active one on adopting international standard, even developed countries are becoming more and more interest in international standard.

        With the age of knowledge-based economy coming, the worldwide standard competition is becoming more and more intense, who makes the standard that can be recognized by the world will seize huge market and gain great market and economic interests, also can ensure the countries and industries security.

        According to incomplete statistics, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have released almost 20,000 international standards, but Chinese enterprises only participate in the drawing up of 20 items. In addition, there are more than 900 institutions for drawing up the standards, but in which China participates are less than 10. Mr. Ma Dejun said that a patented technology only influences one or several companies, but a standard influences an industry or even a country's competitive power, so from this we can see that the standard war of an industry is not inferior to a battle.

        Currently the international home appliances standards that China participates in the drawing up are only a few, but with home appliances enterprises active exploration, a group of technologies with independent intellectual property rights has been accepted and established as international home appliance standard by IEC. Haier anti-electric wall technology is China's first international solar panel standard with independent innovation and independent intellectual property rights; in addition, the dual power washer technology that Haier participates in has successfully applied and become an international home appliances standard. Hisense participates in drawing up the general specifications of the LED backlight technology, and it is the first time for Chinese enterprises to take charge of and make the international standards in this field.

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