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        China Household Appliance Manufacturers Actively Promoting New Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Products
        September. 08. 2010

        Green household appliances have become the new trend and fashion for the global household appliances development, racing to control the commanding point of green competition is a realistic solar water heater choice for China's household appliances enterprises to upgrade and change generation from produce to creation, and it is also a necessary strategy for saving energy, reducing emission and decreasing the air discharge from greenhouse.

        China home appliance has carried out the policy of special development for color TV enterprises in two continuous years, while encouraging companies to advance into the upstream to have UV lamp technological research and development and production in LCD, plasma and other panels, the National Development and Reform Commission also issued relevant incentive policies on reconstructing the production lines and professional home appliances equipment of high-energy and efficiency air conditioners, such as Tattoo Machine, Midea, Gelid and other air-condition companies all get the support from relevant policies and they begin to promote the energy-saving air-condition.

        From January of next year, China tattoo machine will formally implement the regulations of recycling waste electric appliances, and the home appliances promotion of the old-for-new policy has improved the development of recycling and dismantling waste appliances business. The green low-carbon development path, on the one hand has brought significant social effects of energy-saving and environmental protection to the household electrical appliance solar panel enterprises, on the other hand it also has improved the performance of the enterprises effectively.

        Nowadays China's household appliances enterprises are practicing the green transformation strategy, and home appliances achieving low-carbon, energy saving, health and environmental protection in all links such as product development, manufacturing, promotion, use and recycle. Green has become powerful weapons and tools for China's household appliance enterprises to participate in global competition, which will promote and guide the development of the entire appliance industry.

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        The Sales Output Value of China Electronic Components In First Half of 2010 Has Increased Greatly Over Previous Year

        The recent data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that, China’s electronic components that benefit from the electric prodcuts adjustment of economic structure have increased greatly in the first half of 2010. At the same time, listed companies have also issued the good news of the expectant increase.

        The data battery represents that in the first half of 2010, the sales output value of China electronic components each has increased 32.1% and 49.3%, especially the sales output value and export delivery value of integrated circuit industry has increased 49.4%, which reversed the situation of the sharp slide in 2009. Because of the obvious extraversion of electronic components electrical prodcuts industry, the recovery of the exports has laid the foundation for China electronic components to achieve better performance. In the first half of 2010, the export delivery value of electronic components rose by 31.4% and 50.1%, the IC industry increased 46.9%. And at the same time, the listed companies of electronic components solar water heater industry companies also reported good news. For example, the performance of Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics increased more than 429.13% over the previous year, and the net profit of Sanan Optoelectronics also increased more than 240%.

        It is understood that the acceleration of 3G tattoo machine construction, the revitalization and layout of related industries, the home appliances capacitor going to the countryside and other a series of government supports are important factors for China electronic components greatly increased performance in the first half year. Industry insiders believe that after the consumptive UV lamp demands which were depressed in the international financial crisis release, the electronic products consumptive demand will return to normal track, smart phones, e-books and other new products will continue to sell well, and under the tattoo machine kits promotion of the peak season effect the prosperity can still continue in the third and fourth quarter this year. Expert in China Market Intelligence Center says that in the background of the economic structure adjustment, the prospect of electronic components industry is wider. It is expected that in 2015 China's electrical prodcuts component production will reach 5 trillion and 5 trillion yuan sale, the RC-sense chip rate will reach 90%. And the global and domestic market share of electronic components each will achieve 50% and 70%.

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        China Microwave Oven Industry Accelerating Transformation And Upgrading Once Again
        August 25, 2010

        Recently the Midea Corporation announced to the public that this year they would implement the double high strategy of promoting high-end brands and high-end products. According to the plan, Midea will enable the Steam Cube that uses the frequency conversion home appliances technology as a sub-brand of their owned high-end microwave oven. Besides the traditional function of heating and barbecue, such microwave ovens also have the high-temperature steam heating function that are more accordant with China's traditional cooking habits. In addition, many advanced technology are used in the Steamer Cube products.

        Mr. Sun Mingyang, the domestic marketing company general manager of Midea Microwave Oven Electric Appliances Division, he said that, with the appliance of innovative technology such as the high-temperature steam, smart regulation, frequency conversion and so on, the Midea microwave oven products will become diversified, which solar water heater will also drive the microwave oven industry upgrading from Made In China home appliance to Created In China. The Midea's transformation from opportunity strategy to high-end strategy will explore a new way for small home appliance industry development, at the same time lead the industry transition from size and price competition to technology and change competition.

        As UV lamp reported that the popularizing rate of the microwave oven in the first-line cities has reached 95%, but families which use the microwave ovens as their main cooking kitchen are not many. In order to advance the use value of microwave ovens, Midea is focusing their brand Tattoo Machine on Steaming Out Nutrition and Health, having continuous technological innovation, developing the market space vigorously and increasing their core competition.

        In recent years, China's microwave oven market has always been an issue around the low price and the products are lack of innovations, with the improvement of people's consumption level, the low-price microwave ovens suffered the market bottlenecks. Mr. Xu Dongsheng, the general secretary of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that to achieve the business transformation, accelerate the technology upgrading and optimize the product structure are the problems to solve tattoo machine urgently in promoting the microwave ovens market development. Although at present China is the world's largest microwave oven producer, but the functions of many products are single and lack of usefulness, many industry new technology are difficult to obtain and apply.

        At present the microwave oven products have walked up to diversification and composite from a single home appliances function, and with the continuous abundance of functions, the microwave oven will gradually become the core cookware in the kitchen from marginalized cookware and its market space will also be further expanded. In addition, the home appliances of frequency conversion technology in microwave ovens will further enhance the environmental protection and energy saving level of small household appliances.

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        Inverter Has Great Potential in China Machine Tool Market
        August 20, 2010

        At present, most inverters in China's machine tool market are Japanese brands, such as Mitsubishi battery Inverter and Delta Inverter. As close to the function of a servo device, the Mitsubishi Inverters are often used in the machine tool; while Delta Inverter, for its function approaching Mitsubishi but cheaper electrical prodcuts price and high cost performance, its market share is also increasing in recent years.

        The development trends of the inverter used in machine tool are as follows. First is the high-performance. At present electric prodcuts almost all of the inverters require vector control mode, and few control structure and arithmetic of different levels appears. It is worth noting that the sensorless capacitor vector control (SVC) is developing solar water heater rapidly in recent years, with its disposal plan of low-interest and high-function it ever became the dreamy specifications and development directions of the universal inverter. Second, the UV lamp character of easy to control is continuously increasing. The consumers' needs of the inverter are gradually becoming the scene installation, and add setting tools in the software in order to simplify the debugging process by the operation of users. Third, the Tattoo Machine needs of the function modularization and intelligentization are increasing.

        One electrical prodcuts machine tool sometimes needs 4 to 5 sets inverters, so it is enough to foresee the great market potential of the machine tool inverter.

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        Trade Friction Getting More Intense, and Home Appliances Export Facing Severe Situation
        August 16, 2010

        The data released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on 20th shows that in 2009 the accumulative solar water heater export total of China's home appliance industry is 31.324 billion U.S. dollars, and the total UV lamp imports is 2.804 billion, each declined by 13.27% and 12.08% year on year. And the cumulative trade surplus is 28.52 billion U.S. dollars, 43.96 billion less than previous year. Experts Tattoo Machine conclude that China's home appliances trade of this year is hardly optimistic home appliances and the trade friction will be intensified.

        Statistics show that the total exports of China's home appliance industry in 2009 decreased 4.79 billion U.S. dollars year on year. The drop rate increases 26.9 percentage points, and compare with the first half of the year the rate has reducing 7.6 percentage points. And the 35% of the reduction is due to the decrease in air conditioner export.

        Since the second half of last year, the export reduction rate of major products has all narrowed. Fang Xuan from China Light Industry Information Center told Xinhua News that there are four reasons caused the home appliance negative growth of the whole year export in household appliances of 2009: the world economic recovery is a long process and the international market consumption is still weak; the financing environment of SMEs could not fully improved and the trade risk is still high; the trend of trade protection is increasingly severe and the difficult in opening markets become marked; the bargaining power of exports would be weaken when facing competitive devaluation of national currencies under financial crisis.

        According to sectional statistics, in 2009 China's household appliances have experienced total 8 cases of trade friction. Lu Renbo, the Deputy Secretary-General in China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said that the trade frictions are not only limited to anti-dumping lawsuits, but also including technical barriers. The all-around trend shows that the trade friction in home appliances export will be intensified harder.

        Mr. Lu Renbo said that China issued series policies in 2009 to support domestic home appliance industry, including home appliances into countryside, old to new, and energy efficiency subsidies. And the following good situation of domestic sales offset the reductive export effect on home appliances enterprises to some extent. In the long term, the foreign trade exports market is still very important to Chinese home appliances business. Therefore, Chinese home appliance manufacturers have to adjust the industrial structure, and increase the technological level to avoid cruel competition in low cost.

        Ms. Fu Juan, the senior analyst in appliance industry, commented that as a sophisticated manufacturing center of global appliance the influence would not be too obvious to China, although the export trade friction will be intense. Furthermore, most home appliances are exported as OEM, so the trade friction will not cause a substantial decline in export growth.

        China local appliance industry should be thinking about how to transfer product exports to brand exports in order to obtaining a higher value.

        Ms. Fu Juan also remind us that in 2010 the pressure of dollar depreciation and RMB appreciation still exist which means that the cost of China home appliance exports will increase, and it might even cause the order outflow to other countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia. Thereby we need to get ready for the situation in advance.

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