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        Founded in 1993, China Kexun Home Appliance Co., Ltd. become a leading portable refrigerator manufacturer of high-quality home electrical appliance products with manufacturing, research and development in China. We use advanced dry powder porcelain enamel-tank production assembly line which consist equipments imported from Germany, Italy and Switzerland. We have received CE, GS, EMC, ETL, SAA, IRAM, SASO, PAI, KTL, CCC, RoHS, JET and ISO9002 quality standard certification. The independent cheap portable refrigerators product development center we have established is staffed with five product outline designers and two plane designers.

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        portable refrigerator
        Coolers are usually large and unwieldy, which is why Koolatron developed the Compact Kooler, specially designed to fit in the snug spaces behind the seats of many cars, trucks, and vans. Like many of Koolatron's coolers, this unit features a 12-volt cooling system that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter. The cooler's motor blows cold air over your food and beverages, keeping them 40 degrees F cooler than the outside temperature. The cooler also doubles as a warmer, if you'd rather keep the contents toasty. Outside of the car or truck, the cooler is still versatile. it's great for keeping a potluck entree piping hot, but heating a frozen burrito would take hours, not minutes. For operation at deskside or in a dorm room, an AC adapter is available.The cooler can be used in chest or fridge position and includes a dual-position shelf/divider. The full-opening lid includes a small hatch for quick, easy access.
        portable refrigerators
        The Kargo Kooler is part of Koolatron's line of 12-volt coolers designed to plug into a car's cigarette lighter. Each cooler keeps your food cool without the use of ice. The really cool feature of the Kargo Kooler, though, is its versatility. With a compartmentalized interior and split lid/door, the unit looks more like a compact refrigerator than a cooler, with multiple stacking shelves and a top and bottom door. Even better, the split lid/door gives you access to the food inside even if the cooler is packed tightly in the trunk with a ton of luggage. The cooler's two dividers can be used in multiple positions--either as shelves (if the cooler is stored vertically, like a refrigerator), or as partitions (if it's stored horizontally, like a chest). Indoors or out, in the nursery, office, or on the road, the Portable MiniFridge will keep your food and beverages cold or hot. Food and beverages are kept cold at 41°F/5°C or hot at 149°F/65°C.
        home appliance

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