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        Founded in 1993, China Kexun Home Appliance Co., Ltd. become a leading propane refrigerator manufacturer of high-quality home electrical appliance products with manufacturing, research and development in China. We use advanced dry powder porcelain enamel-tank production assembly line which consist equipments imported from Germany, Italy and Switzerland. We have received CE, GS, EMC, ETL, SAA, IRAM, SASO, PAI, KTL, CCC, RoHS, JET and ISO9002 quality standard certification. The independent cheap propane refrigerators product development center we have established is staffed with five product outline designers and two plane designers.

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        propane refrigerator

        Gas consumption low 700 BTU/hour. Automatic Ignition (piezo-electric). Dry cell Battery powered refrigerator light. For a truly different type of refrigeration, this propane refrigerator by Danby (model DPR2262W) works without any electrical input at all! It's perfect when electricity is unavailable or in short supply, but you don´t want to give up refrigeration and freezing capability. From rivers to campers and more, if you need a unique refrigeration solution, the Danby propane refrigerator could be just what you are looking for. Interior storage basket, push-button ignition, combination gas/electric thermostat, built-in leveling legs and handles. Easy-to-reach controls are mounted out of site on new rear coil enclosure. Smooth, rustproof steel cabinet now with rounded corners and enamel finish.

        propane refrigerators
        Compact size is a perfect fit for recreational vehicles and weekend use. Same proven quality as other gas refrigerators, without the finished exterior. Can be installed in a kitchen cabinet like any built-in appliance (vent required) or used as a freestanding appliance by concealing the foil-faced foam on the sides, top and doors with Formica or paneling. Defrost water drain and recessed doors that hinge on the left or right and open 180 degrees are standard. Refrigerators require electric power to operate burner igniter. All models except RM2352/2353 hold one-gallon milk jugs or two litter bottles. Freeze the day's catch fresh on the boat, serve Popsicles™ to the entire scout troop (even in the wild!), or keep beverages frosty cold. This appliance doubles as a refrigerator or freezer with a turn of the thermostat.
        home appliance

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